Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Sports, Fitness and Recreation

The fitness center programs are designed to encourage participation regardless of ability.  Though these programs our students are engaging in physical activity increasing health, confidence, and sense of achievement, sportsmanship and comradery.  Triple Play, BGCA’s comprehensive health and wellness initiative, strives to improve the overall health of members, ages 6-18, by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships. The program will be split into three sessions focusing on the mind, body, and soul.  Each session will consist of team challenges, physical fitness, games, creativity, arts, nutrition, exercise and much more! The purpose and main impact of these activities is to promote supportive relationships, a fun and safe environment, provide opportunities and expectations, positive recognition, health and well-being, commitment to learning, positive self-identity and values and community involvement .

Children ranging from 1st-8th Grade will have the opportunity to participate in our Archery program. Participants will be instructed by certified staff in a very safe environment. Our new archery range has elements perfect for beginner and intermediate archers. Prizes and awards will be given out throughout the program!

Kids of all ages love GaGa! It is a form of dodgeball that is played in an octagon shaped pit with only one ball. Participants must hit the ball with one hand and try to hit others from the waist down. If you are hit with the ball you are out! The last person that survives in the pit is the winner! This game is a favorite at the club and we play it every day!

Children in 1st – 5th grade will have the opportunity to participate in our gymnastics program! Participants will be provided with recreational and intermediate skills in a fun and safe environment. Each class will consist of 30 minutes of structured activities and 20 minutes of open gym. Awards and prizes will be given out during the last class!

Fifa Mania is a soccer program open to boys & girls in 3rd – 8th grade. Participants will be divided into teams and given a country (like the real FIFA World Cup). Each class will consist of a tournament of non-stop games. The gym scoreboards will be used to keep score and have an accurate clock for each match. Awards and prizes will be given out during the last class!

Hockey is played on a daily basis at the club and it is one of the most popular sports that our members like to play! Children of all ages have the opportunity to participate in street hockey in the parking lot and floor hockey in the gym. We have real hockey sticks and equipment for the older kids and soft hockey sticks for the younger kids.

Once a week we set up the volleyball nets in the gym. We play fun variations of volleyball with the younger children and we also set aside a time period to teach the older kids how to play real volleyball. All the children get excited when they see the nets set up!

Flag Football is another favorite for our members! Many of our members play in the town flag football league and they have brought that passion here to the club. When we play flag football we divide the kids up and have a game for each age group.

Pitch Hit and Run provides youngsters across the country an opportunity to participate in an exciting baseball/softball skills competition. This national initiative gives boys and girls, ages 7 – 14, the chance to showcase their pitching, hitting and running abilities. There are two separate divisions of Pitch Hit & Run; baseball and softball. Participants may compete in either division.

Major League Baseball Pitch Hit & Run is intended to encourage youth participation and emphasize the “FUN” element of baseball/softball. Since there is NO registration fee, everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Major League Baseball Pitch Hit & Run tests three of the most fundamental aspects of baseball/softball — pitching, hitting and running.

PITCH: Participant is tested throwing strikes to a designated “Strike Zone” target.

HIT: Participant hits a ball off a stationary tee for distance and accuracy.

RUN: Participant is timed, starting from second base, touching third then touching home plate.

All of the events are individually scored and converted to a total point score through the use of conversion tables.

Participants will compete in each of the three components of Major League Baseball Pitch Hit & Run and accumulate a total score based on his/her performance.

Nerf Mania is a very popular program at the club. Each week we will play different recreational games with nerf blasters incorporated into them. We use the gymnastics mats to set up awesome playing fields in our gym. The goal of this program is to teach participants teamwork, strategic planning, and most importantly, to have FUN!

On Thursday nights, from 5-6pm, children in 5th-8th grade have the opportunity to develop their basketball skills. This program consists of basketball drills and tournaments. Each class we will work on skills for 30 minutes and scrimmage for 30 minutes. Awards and prizes will be given out at the end of the program!

This program is targeted towards giving children with special needs the opportunity to come play various games and participate in activities with their families at the Boys & Girls Club of Marshfield. Activities include: parachute games, obstacle courses, scooter boards, air track, and most importantly a FUN time with family and friends!