Education & Technology


A comprehensive homework help and tutoring program for all members aged 6 to 18 years. Power Hour is carefully structured to give Clubs several options for helping members achieve maximum success:  Homework Assistance and Tutoring, Opportunities for Continued Learning.  Members earn and track points through completed homework and enriching their minds. Members are rewarded with points and tickets for finishing homework and engaging in additional educational choices. Power Hour promotes responsibility, self- direction, time management  and self-advocacy.

Come in to check out the Book of the Month in the Learning Center.  We will feature a variety of books to choose from.  Here’s how it works: When a member reads one of the books s/he will earn 40 Learning Center tickets.  We will add 20 more tickets for each friend the participant brings along!

Former teacher Denise Capwell provides 1:1 tutoring.

Learning Center Tickets are a Character & Leadership incentive program in our Learning & Technology Centers.  Tickets can be earned when members participate in activities outside of their normal homework.  Some ways in which tickets can be earned include helping another member with their homework, extra reading or simple random acts of kindness!  These tickets can then be spent on bonus’ like extra computer time.

My.Future is a significant multi-year initiative that provides all Boys & Girls Clubs with technology educational programming in digital literacy, robotics, media making, coding and more. Moreover, it has enabled BGCA to evolve policy practices around personal devices, design of technology spaces incorporating “maker studio” designs, and delivery of training and other elements for the integration of technology throughout the Club experience.

Most importantly, by participating in a Club that has incorporated My.Future elements in their operations, young people will develop technological competencies and self-efficacy to succeed in school and thereafter. Resources are available at the My.Future website.